The goalkeeper is the last line of protection between the striking players and also the objective. The end result of a suit can frequently depend a lot more on the goalkeeper than any other player. Each team should have a goalkeeper on the field whatsoever time. If he is harmed or is dispatched, a replacement needs to be made use of. If no substitutes are readily available, an additional outfield player has to assume the role

The goalkeeper’s duty

Goalkeeping needs nerve, quick responses, and good concentration. Within his very own penalty area, the goalkeeper can use any type of part of his body to manage the ball– consisting of the hands. He should safeguard his group’s goal, stop the resistance from racking up, and also arrange the defenders.

Important abilities

A goalkeeper essentially needs to save, clear, marshall the protection, 토토총판이용법 and also disperse the sphere. In addition to being a “risk-free pair of hands,” he has to show self-control. If an outfield gamer slips up, as an example, a teammate might be able to recover the scenario; if a goalkeeper errs, the effects are generally a confidence-shattering goal. Consequently, he should be solid enough to manage any flack.


Defenders are in charge of preventing the attacking group from scoring as well as for winning back property of the round to make sure that a counter-attack can be mounted. They can be classified as either “central” (see contrary) or “broad” (see p. 46). The protector needs to require the attacking group to make errors by marking challengers very closely, obstructing their passes, and gaining possession of the round.

Skills called for

The protector should be a highly skilled player who is able to bring the sphere out of protection in a controlled way before making accurate passes to colleagues that are better placed to set up assaulting steps. A capability to properly expect threats is important, as is possessing the essential degrees of concentration to concentrate on the task handy. He needs guts and superb technical ability to make desperate tackles before the goalmouth. Toughness and also accuracy will also allow him to deal effectively with individual attacks anywhere they occur on the field.

Central protectors

The duty of the central defender, which includes the facility of the placement back and sweeper (see below), requires consistent performance and also fantastic physical stamina. The ability to prepare for risk before it materializes– as well as take reliable preventative activity– is frequently basic to a group’s success.

Center back

The center back is a team’s last line of protection. He should have the capability to tackle efficiently and also win the sphere. The facility back needs to be tall, especially so that he can win the sphere when it is in the air. He needs to also be powerful, brave, decisive, as well as happy to make all-or-nothing deals with.

The sweeper

As the name suggests, the function of the sweeper is to “scoop” the sphere if the striking team breaks through the defensive line. He does not mark a specific attacker, remaining “fluid”, as well as is cost-free to wander around the goalmouth, folding any kind of gaps in the defense.